Drape Cleaning Service

Over time dust and other particles will accumulate on drapes. The resulting build-up can contribute to both ignition and spread of flame for all types of fabric including those that are inherently fire retarding. Drapes must be cleaned regularly to maintain their stated AS1530 ratings.
ShowTrek offers a professional drape cleaning service Australia wide using a liquid free vacuum cleaning method that is effective in removing accumulated dust without reducing the level of protection from previously applied fire retardant treatments.
In many cases the cleaning can be performed in-situ without the need to remove drapes from their tracks or battens.

Fire Retardant Treatment Service

Inspecta-Shield Products

ShowTrek offers professional services for application of Inspecta-Shield fire retardant treatment Australia wide. The application service can be combined with a cleaning service to remove accumulated dust form drapes that have been in use prior to the Inspecta-Shield treatment.
Drapes that are not inherently fire retarding may require treatment in the following cases:

  • The fabric has never had a fire retardant treatment
  • The fabric has had contact with water
  • The drape has been laundered several times using water-free liquid cleaning methods
  • Humidity may have reduced the effectiveness of a previous fire retardant treatment over a period of time
  • Re-application of fire retardant treatment is part of programmed maintenance
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