Heavy Duty Curtain Track

As the South Australian installer for Jands Staging Equipment, ShowTrek install and support the Jands JH heavy duty curtain track system. ShowTrek Track Systems Image
The JH track is made from extruded aluminium and has a matt black anodised finish. The track can be easily rolled to produce customised curved tracks. The MP-402 curtain runners feature ball bearing rollers with nylon tyres and are silent in operation. The curtain runners are manufactured as two halves that clip together for easy addition or replacement.

Pulley Systems

ShowTrek Track Systems Image

The standard range of JH pulleys allows for the option of rope drawn or powered drapes.
The pulley system can be configured for:

  • Single action
  • Bi-parting action
  • Single track
  • Overlapping track
  • Curved track
ShowTrek Track Systems Image

The revolutionary JS pulley system is specially designed for curved tracks.
Unlike conventional pulley systems both the "live" and "dead" sides of the rope are completely restrained allowing rope drawn or powered operation of drapes on tracks with complex curves.
Curved track systems using JS pulleys are less sensitive to issues with rope tension making JS an ideal choice for low maintenance installations.

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